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Smarts-Net Screen

Remote viewing of SMARTS collected data
Smarts-Net gives you the ability to view your data collected by Guydon’s S.M.A.R.T.S. Stimulation Monitoring and Reservoir Testing Software® package in an easy to use package with minimal user intervention!
Smarts-Net receives its data from SMARTS over a TCP/IP connection, so it can be viewed on the same computer or any other computer connected on a network (including the Internet—if the SMARTS computer is allowed communication through any firewall(s)).
The SMARTS operator simply enables data output (second computer communications) through the SMARTS computer’s IP address and port number, and then the Smarts-Net can receive the information by connecting to that IP address and Port number.
Smarts-Net can display it’s data in English units (psi, bpm, ppa, etc) or SI (either kpa or mpa, m3/min, kg/m3, etc) to match the data being sent by SMARTS.  It shows a sliding 30 minute ‘window’ of the SMARTS data, and this can be adjusted on-the-fly.  If you wish to re-visit data that has scrolled off the data plot, a slider can be used to go back in time. Smarts-Net has been designed with its own remote viewing capabilities.  Once operating, other computers can connect to it to remotely view the screen using the Internet and any of the major browsers.  This feature allows multiple members of a team to view the progress of a SMARTS monitored treatment without overtaxing the limited bandwidth from the remote SMARTS location.  Smarts-Net can be licensed to 5, 20, 50 or unlimited simultaneous remote views!

Smarts-Net in a Browser

SMARTS32 SmartsNet Master