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SmartsNet Master

SmartsNet Master Screen

SmartsNet Master is a Supervisor program that fits in between S.M.A.R.T.S. Stimulation Monitoring and Reservoir Testing Software® monitoring data in the field, and Smarts-Net which allows Remote Viewing capabilities of the data.  SmartsNet Master coordinates the connection between Smarts32 and Smarts-Net to allow customers to view treatments real-time over the Internet!
In operation, Smarts32 will contact the SmartsNet Master that’s running on a server and send the job specific information.  SmartsNet Master will then look up the Smarts32 unit performing the treatment, and along with the customer/job information sent to it, will create a new instance of Smarts-Net on the server, specifically for that Customer’s Job.  Links are created which allow the Service Company’s web programmers to place links on their website for the Customer to log into the Smarts-Net to view the data real-time anywhere in the world that the World Wide Web reaches!  Once the Smarts32 finishes transmitting job data and disconnects from its side of the link, SmartsNet Master will automatically remove the Smarts-Net job after a pre-configured amount of time, allowing for stand-alone operation without an operator having to continually monitor the Smarts-Net jobs.  Logs of SmartsNet Master’s actions are kept in a daily file which allows for complete record keeping of remotely monitored treatments.

SMARTS32 Smarts-Net