Guydon Software Services

Custom Programming

Guydon has helped out a number of different companies with custom programming.  Some of these have been 

ARCO - Numerous projects besides our Smarts development effort.  Arco was purchased by BP and Phillips.

ARCO Alaska -  Modified the Smarts package to help monitor the Grind and Inject project.  This project needed a monitoring system to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for 4-5 months at a time, while pits of old drilling mud and tailings were re-ground in a ball mill, and re-injected back into underground formations.  ARCO Alaska has been acquired by BP.

Alcon - Put together a monitoring and reporting tool for some of their lab studies.

Western Company of North America (WCNA) - Guydon helped out WCNA by helping develop the FracGeom real-time monitoring/geometry program; the control software for the Ramp Blender; and a Quality control monitor/reporting program.  WCNA has since been purchased by BJ Services

Dowell Schlumberger - A custom application for reading data from and plotting from a DS PACR was developed under contract with Bettico.

Halliburton - Numerous embedded systems have been developed with Halliburton for use in formation testing tools.