Smarts32 Remote
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S.M.A.R.T.S. Stimulation Monitoring and Reservoir Testing Software® Remote Data Mode

Smarts32 can output raw data as well as raw data plus many of the Smarts32 derived channels such as totals and BHP via RS-232 and/or via an IP address and port.  Smarts32 can even output the same set of data via RS232 and IP simultaneously.

The use of this technology is to allow the user, either during a real time or replay session, to ship data over to other computers within the same room as the Smarts32 computer, or to a location even 1000’s of miles away.  Generally users will output via IP over a local network so others can view the data either with Smarts or other packages.  This same data steam is also used to output over a satellite to a server that is running Guydon’s SmartsNetMaster.  SmartsNetMaster then creates a unique remote panel via SmartsNet, for that job.  This unique SmartsNet remote panel can then be viewed anywhere in the world over the internet, via a browser, by multiple viewers simultaneously.  One remote viewer can even take over control of the remote panel and interact with its features such as re-scaling plots etc.  Many clients also hang other copies of Smarts32 on the remote side if they desire to have a multi-screen environment or wish to create unique custom screens.  Two Smarts32 dialogs can be utilized when remote data is sent via Smarts32.  The first is the Communications With a Second Computer – Setup Information dialog which allows the user to define the parameters that are to be sent and what interface they are broadcast out over.


The second is the Define IP Addresses dialog that is utilized for second computer communications and allows the user to not only define IP Server configuration but also Client input setup if Smarts32 is to receive its incoming data via IP.  Also, as can be seen, a group box exists for SmartsNetMaster utilization.


The following Smarts32 Served IP stream is being received by HyperTerminal™ as a Client, just as any other package including Smarts32 would see it if connected as a Client.  The military clock time is the beginning of each packet sent.


The RS-232 interface works in a similar manner to define Smarts32 channel output.  However, when using the  RS-232 output mode, normally only one other computer can hang on the output at any given time unless RS-232 splitters are utilized.