SMARTS32 Replay
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S.M.A.R.T.S. Stimulation Monitoring and Reservoir Testing Software® Replay Mode

Any file that was monitored with Smarts32 can be easily replayed on several levels, even years after monitoring the data.  The user defines the file name.  Jobs may be replayed using the various methods that follow.  Jobs can be replayed at various replay speeds.  The user may also change the replay speed to make the job play back faster or slower, depending on the level of interaction the user requires.   Second computer communications can also be active during a replay as well as all report generation.  Replay is currently activated by selecting the main menu item SMART Simulator via the Smarts setup menus and selecting from its dialog Prepare File for Replay!  Then one selects Replay Job Now to start the job replay process.
Job replays can be made on several different levels as defined below.

  • Simply replay the job as it was monitored.  This allows all of the plots and text screens to be active as well as any to be activated during or after the replay session.  All graphics features are active.  Generally one would use this mode to get a quick look at the full job data or to generate some different plots or text screens than those generated on-site.
  • Another replay method is to interact with the replay and make a change such as when a stage actually occurred or removing an improper staging event.  One may just need to change some of the formation properties such as closure pressure for the Net Pressure plot derivation or some other formation property that may have improperly affected analyses that one needs to do.  Such parameters can be change on the fly during replay.
  • One may also replay a job and have all parameters re-calculated using the modified entries for well configuration, formation properties, and even fluid rheology.  The job can then be replayed in such a manner that all aspects of every calculation will consider the modified setup information.

Only one job file is required to replay.  The user can also email the single job file to someone else who has Smarts32 and they can prepare and replay the job in its entirety using any of the above replay levels.
Below is an example of a job that was replayed and a G-function in-situ leakoff analyses performed several days later, after all of the temperature and gamma ray logs were received.