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Stimulation Monitoring and Reservoir Testing Software®

The SMARTS monitoring package is a tool to provide up to date data to the engineer to assist in making important decisions regarding Fracturing Stimulation, Matrix Acidizing, and/or pre-frac Reservoir Testing.  It has been used by dozens of companies ranging from independent service companies up to multi-national oil companies.

The program has been developed to interface to a  number of different data sources, acquiring data directly from Data Acquisition Systems (DAS) like the Hp 3852A™.  SMARTS can also acquire data from numerous other data sources via RS-232 or TCP/IP signals.

A favorite feature of SMARTS is it's ability to export data real-time to another remote computer also running SMARTS.  This allows company engineers from across the country or even across the world to take part in the treatment real-time!  No longer do the engineers have to spend their valuable time travelling to a remote location to participate in a treatment, and then travel back to the office!  Using the remote capabilities of SMARTS, they can establish a link to the treatment location (via sat-phone/modem or satellite connection to the Internet) and view the job as if they were on-site!

SMARTS was initially developed to provide a graphical monitoring package to measure and record data collected during fracture simulation treatments and pre-frac testing.  Development started on the package in early 1986 by Guydon for ARCO to interface to an instrumentation skid (developed by ARCO).  Since those early years, SMARTS has grown in capabilities and features, and continues to grow to meet the demands and advancements in the industry.

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