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Software Updates

The majority of these updates are to be placed in the SMARTS folder (usually located on your C: drive as C:\SMARTS).  To prevent problems, rename any existing program of the same name (for example, rename Test232.exe to Test232.Old.exe for example) before copying/saving the new version.

NOTICE: All the downloadable updates are in compressed files protected by a password.  You'll be given the password when you're informed of any new updates.  If you need a password, and you have signed a Software Maintenance agreement, please contact Gary Cooper or Steve Nelson for the current password.

S.M.A.R.T.S. Stimulation Monitoring and Reservoir Testing Software® - Go here to obtain the latest Smarts monitoring program(s).

Test232 (AKA Guydon Data Viewer))  - (Ver - 03/26/2014) Used to test RS-232 and/or TCP/IP communications setup for SMARTS.  Note: Test232 is the program that runs when you press the [View RS-232] button on the Communications Details screen of the Smarts Menus. (Updated to increase the Buffer size)

DataList - (Ver - 02/24/2016) Used to produce text files from SMARTS recorded datafiles for customers and/or import into Excel. (Handles multi-segment datafiles from Smarts)

FracFit® - (12/23/2007) Used to generate the 6th order polynomial curve-fit which is used to calculate Friction Pressure.

Replay - (Ver - 09/29/2014) Used to select which SMARTS datafile to 'Prepare for Replay'.  This Windows version will show the entire SMARTS filename like 'ThisIsASmartsDataFile.Dat', not the older 8.3 format that looked like 'ThisIs~1.dat'. (2.3.2 corrects a bug that ALWAYS put a .Dat on the end of the original datafile)

DataFilter - (Ver - 03/09/2017) (NOTE: 1.18.x versions prior to had a serious bug and should be replaced with this version! Versions prior to 1.18.x did not have any problem) Used to re-order input data before it goes to SMARTS.  Can also convert the data between RS-232 (Serial) and TCP/IP.  Note: DataFilter requires the presence of a SMARTS Hardlock (either Real-Time or DataFilter) on the computer running DataFilter.

SmMerge - (No Version - 07/07/2014) Used to merge multiple Smarts datafiles into a single Smarts datafile.

HardLock Test - (Ver - 09/24/2014) Used to check the capabilities of a SMARTS HardLock dongle.  This will create a file that should be emailed to Guydon (either or for further analysis.  Note: this zip file isn't password protected.

Fix Screens - (Ver - 09/29/2014) Used to reset the monitor positions of ALL plots so that they appear on the default monitor.  Useful when monitors are moved around and a plot can't be found on a screen!  Note: this zip file isn't password protected.

Utility Program Documentation - Documentation on all the utility programs that install with Smarts.